My lesson with John Dummer saved my family ski holiday. He is a very talented instructor and took me on as a shaking, terrified 48 year old. With his calm guidance I felt calm and in control after two lessons.

Before I had some private instruction with John I was ready to give up. The group lessons had moved on too quickly for me. I was taken on a long forest track before I had the skills to cope with it. By the time I got to the bottom I was completely confused, in tears, and never wanted to put my skis on again. I felt shaken, sick and terrified.

John took me to the nursery slopes and gave me a simple shape to follow. He gave me lots of opportunities to repeat this. He was quietly spoken, calm and did not shout instructions at me whilst I was skiing. He assumed no knowledge on my part and carefully broke down every activity including using button lifts, and eventually a rather aggressive chair lift. After two lessons I was confident of the technique needed to turn and remain in control. I could come down a blue slope without any moments of terror! I would now definitely come skiing with my family again.

I highly recommend John to anyone who wants to master skiing The benefit of private lessons is that you can go at your own pace without the social pressure of slowing down classmates. As an English speaker, there was great benefit in having an English instructor. My Bulgarian instructor only had one way of explaining, due to his limited English. He repeated this at volume, but it did not work as an explanation for me no matter how many times he repeated it! John was able to re-phrase, use different explanations and understand my questions. (I like to clarify my understanding by questioning). None of this was possible with my Bulgarian instructor.

As a 48 year old who has not had many positive experiences of sporting activities, his patience and simple clear instructions, calmly and encouragingly given, were exactly what I needed.

Claire E. 

Feb. 2018

John was my daughter's and my ski instructor. We have always been tutored in a group, and weren't quite sure how individual tuition would go. My daughter was a much better skier than me, and I hadn't been skiing for years and was nearly a newbie, although I could remember how to put skis on!

John was brilliant, he was very patient and understanding, and paced my daughter accordingly so that she also felt she was learning. John evidenced his knowledge of skiing and I felt assured by his tuition. He was respectful also to others, and we witnessed him helping others too.

I would highly recommend John for ski tuition, and his local knowledge, and won't hesitate to book him for our next trip.

Many thanks John, it was a great week which we enjoyed immensely.

Diane S. 

Feb. 2018

Hi John,

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the lessons you gave me over the past two days. Felt like I'd been stuck at end stage beginner level for so long, and now finally I've made the leap to skiing a bit more dynamically. Your patience, feedback, kindness and teaching style have been just what I needed, and it's parallel skiing all the way from now on! Really enjoyed myself, thank you.


Feb. 2018

Thank you John Dummer for an amazing four days of your expert tuition, could not have got down those red runs yesterday without you. See you next year xx

Lucy H

Feb. 2018

If anyone heading out to Borovets is thinking about ski lessons I can highly recommend John Dummer. My son and I had a night ski with him a couple of weeks back and it made a huge difference to our week. We went from borderline parallel to skiing parallel confidently in 2+ hours with John, and this was our first time on snow. By the end of the week my 12yr old was skiing down the odd red with me.

It really does make a huge difference following an experienced instructor down the slope, so if you get the chance save a few of those beer pennies and spend it on a 1:1 lesson. 

A. Boultsy

Feb. 2018

I honestly cannot recommend John Dummer enough! Amazing instructor. He took my 4yr old out this evening and within one hour had built his confidence so much! So patient. Thank you John x

D. Jones

Mar. 2018

If anyone is looking for a ski instructor in Borovets, I cannot recommend John Dummer more highly!! Had an excellent time and really improved our skiing.

D. Groves

Mar. 2018

I hadn't skied for over 7 years, and I booked a lesson with John to help me get some mountain mojo back. He watched me ski, then explained how to ski efficiently with the carvers that I had, talk about a lightbulb moment! When I put into practice what he taught me, I could feel straight away the difference, my skiing was more relaxed, less effort and more enjoyable, which in turn, improved my confidence. I hope that as I establish this improved way of skiing, I will also be less prone to falling and injuring myself (a priority as a busy mum of 2). John was really approachable, friendly, flexible when it came to booking, and you could tell he was very familiar with the ski resort and its runs and geography. I booked John to give my 5 year old son a lesson too, and after only one lesson, my son was skiing with noticeably more control. I would fully recommend John as a ski instructor for any age and ability.


Mar. 2018

I and my partner visited Borovets for the second time for our annual ski holiday. We are both intermediate skiers. Sadly my partner suffered a crisis of confidence on the slopes and I was unable to help her overcome this. We sought the help of John after many recommendations from the locals and seasoned Borovets visitors. John managed to aid my partner in overcoming her fear and within a few lessons had her smiling again and loving skiing like never before. John not only has a passion for skiing but also for teaching and helping people. It was obvious he genuinely enjoyed the lessons and would do his utmost to help his students. When we return next year, he will be the only instructor we will use. Thank you John!

Rory Oliver 

Mar. 2018

Three days into our skiing trip this year I had a nasty fall on a red run which was sheet ice. It left me absolutely terrified and not wanting to ski ever again. Until John Dummer was recommended to me. I was sceptical that anyone could help me as I was absolutely petrified at the thought of skiing again so John suggested meeting the night before my lesson for a chat. He immediately put me at ease and after listening to my concerns reassured me that he'd do all he could to help. John did more than just help, he has made me love skiing again! After my first lesson with him I felt my technique improve enormously which made me feel safer and got so much of my confidence back. I came back from my lesson grinning and immediately booked another one. Over the next three days John worked relentlessly with me and got me back down the red run which had left me so scared. Not only did John get my confidence back he has made me a far better, far safer skier and helped me face my fear of icy runs. John calmly explained each exercise and gave constructive and clear feedback, he pushed me to be better without me even knowing, I felt that comfortable with him! He knew my ability and how to get me to progress better than I did! He is the most kind, patient and understanding teacher and I quite honestly can't wait to come back and have more lessons with him next year! Not only did he save our holiday he has made me so excited for many many more! I can't thank John enough!

Amelia Harrison 

Mar. 2018

2019/2020 Reviews

Amy Kitching  December 2019

Hi Jon here is your review!

We have had John for 2 private lessons for a group of mixed ability skiers. He was brilliant from start to finish. He helped my competent skier husband improve his technique. He managed to keep my youngest child’s interest for the whole lesson which was amazing. My daughter was terrified and he put her at such ease that she was able to overcome her fear and learnt to ski well enough she could join the family going down from the 4 man chair lift. Thank you John!!!!

December 2019

Sophie Funnell

My son and husband have just finished a 2 hr lesson with John Drummer, (can't tag you John sorry) . They had a fantastic time! And both said John was amazing and so easy to understand, Sid has had a huge improvement as was struggling with the turning a little but John's technique really helped him. ��

December 2019

Shane Tarrant, 

We highly recommend john dummer for ski lessons. He taught my son who is 6 and who has never skied before. After just 2 lessons, john had him up the mountain on the 6man ski lift! John is Fab with kids and we would recommend him highly to everyone. He also taught my wife who is a very nervous skier. He was very patient and put her at complete ease! Our time at borovets was amazing and john had a big part to play in our fabulous holiday.

6th January 2020

Just returned from another brilliant skiing holiday in Borovets. For the third year in a row we have asked John to take my son (11 years) and his two friends for lessons and as usual they have had a blast! Each morning they cannot wait to hit the slopes and they are always keen to ski with him until the last lift. John is excellent with the boys, he is a very calm and clear communicator as well as being a lot of fun. It has been incredible to see the boys progress through each week, John's attention to detail means that they learn quickly and are already skiing parallel down the more technical slopes. Already looking forward to next year although slightly worried that after another week with John the parents aren't going to be able to keep up!

29/12/2019-04/01/2020 Will and Zoe.

Hi John, Just to say a huge thank you for the lessons over Christmas. As you know I had an accident the year before in Finland and damaged my ACL. When I arrived in Borovets I told my husband I had changed my mind and I wasn’t putting any skis on ever again! Had it not been for you I really don’t think I would have! The lessons gave me the confidence to get going again and also taught me things I should have learnt in the first place. I would highly recommend you to anyone who asks. I think in our two days I learnt more than in a week of ski school! I will be back in February and have already booked for next Christmas again so will be hoping to book for more lessons! Thanks again. Caroline

Caroline Dec/Jan  2019 

Sue and I would like to thank you for helping us so much, we can't believe how much you have helped us improve, your coaching is 5 stars. We look forward to next year and March if we can fit it in. Thanks, Geoff and Sue

Geoff and Sue Jan 2020

Our experience with John Dummer in Borovets, Jan 2020.

In our party, 2 of the children aged 5 and almost 5, had some basics on skis the year before in the snow park with the rila kindergarten, in addition we'd got them some lessons on the dry ski slope at home, their ability was very basic, skiing a few metres then falling over seemed to be their main activity on the dry slope.We decided therefore to find a private instructor for the children for Borovets to share the cost between the 2 families. The decision was the best one we made for the holiday. The first 3 days the children were with the ski Nanny, then dropped off with John at lunchtime for their lesson, the last 3 days they were with John all day. This worked extremely well as the children were eased in gradually, and by the middle of the week were very ready and eager for all day skiing. Firstly, I can say that the level of skiing demonstrated by the children in such a short space of time was staggering. The children were using the button lifts and chair lifts within the first day, skiing alongside their instructor down the blue runs. By the last day, the children were practicing and perfecting parallel turns , with red runs (and one black run) being no obstacle to them. They frequently skiied down to the gondola mid station, which was grueling for several adults within our party! The skills imparted by John were amazing, I had hardly expected them to be able to ski with such confidence in just one week. Secondly, John made the whole experience enjoyable for the kids, even when not skiing. He has a gentle manner and is terrific with the kids. He speaks to them calmly but with authoritive instruction, they were keen to listen to every word. John chatted with them, he was interested in listening to their stories and singing whilst going up in the gondola for example. John made every day exciting, he would take the children to restaurants and snack bars and encourage them to eat different foods. When they came down the gondola, John would get the kids a ride on a horse and trap to take them back to the rila lifts. They absolutely loved that! At the end of each day, a good days' skiing was rewarded with a small Jigsaw toy, which the kids found great pleasure in collecting. At pick up each day, John would de-brief us on the day's activities and progress of each child. Most days, John would offer to take us up to re do some of the runs with the kids so we could see them in action with caring help and guidance! This in particular we found was above and beyond, as our group of adults is rather mixed ability so this meant John skiing down with the kids followed by our rag tag group as well as our older children, altogether I think we caused more problems than his 2 students, but John was happy and calm and keen for us to see and enjoy watching the children's skiing.  John was friendly with us and often enjoyed Après ski coffee with us at some of the slope-side restaurants, debriefing us on the kids and chatting to us about our skiing. He was a great asset to us on our bad skiing days, offering suggestions to improve as well as sympathy! We are very much looking forward to coming back and booking John again, definitely for the children, but certainly to help one or 2 of us adults improve our skills too. In short, our experience with John was very good value for money, but also surpassed our expectations completely. We were very pleased we made the decision to book him! 

The Ashcrofts 

12th-17th January 2020

Had lessons with John Dummer, he is a very patient  guy, easy to ski with and there is no pressure. He gave great advice and tips which improved my skiing. Thanks john

Angela Jan 2020

We recently returned from another wonderful week ��. I managed to get 2 flights at a real good price , and built the trip from there. We stayed with Nick and Mariana at Four Seasons chalet which was great. Nick would deliver and collect us, and recommend places to eat and visit too.Four seasons Chalet was spacious and nicely laid out, would definitely stay again, even its own hot tub and sauna .Ski hire, Nick sorted that out in the chalet with a large range to use, and a lovely heated boot rack �� boots so good! And helmets.We had ski instruction with John Johnski Dummer who was as ever was extremely patient with me,  even when I’d had enough,!!and would also take Kirstie Stage and improve on her techniques and style,I would recommend John Dummer highly,he was professional and knowledgeable and improved our ski ing no end. We met Cheryl his wife, and was able to witness her passion for her work at Ski Scamps,  I wish they had been around when my children were smaller.we ate in several places in Samakov, chicken house, old house, and other places I can’t pronounce and never had a bad meal, all really good value and service.transfers to and from Sofia, were arranged by Nick. 

So in conclusion , thankyou, was again a wonderful time in Borovets , never disappoint.

Diane January 2020

Hi John. 

Just wanted to say thankyou very much for helping our 4 year old. After only 5 hours of tuition she was skiing all by herself.  Your calm and patient approach was brilliant as she felt relaxed and extremely happy. Thankyou 

We also have some vids we can send you if you want any thanks.

Terry T      January 2020

If anyone is thinking of booking personal lessons do not hesitate to book John Johnski Dummer, he has the patience of a saint and taught my extremely nervous wife to ski! Hes gentle approach and calming manner put her at ease, all at the same time as teaching two of us the more technical side of skiing and taking us up on the slopes to help us brush up on the basics as it was only our second week skiing. Our first week skiing we stuck to greens, with John's tuition we done all the resort blues confidently and even touched on reds. We cant thank him enough

January 2020         Martin B 

100% recommend John for private tuition, our group of mixed abilities all benefitted massively from our time with him, putting ourself in good stead for the week ahead. He is so patient and a genuine nice guy!

Jordan F        02/02/2020

As this is a impartial site... Just wanted to recommend John Dummer. Had him for two 3 hour lessons. I wanted more tuition to get me down reds confidently and improve my technique. John saw exactly what I needed to improve and worked at it from the start to finish. Been going down yasterbets today more confident and safer! Seen a huge improvement and has opened up lots more slopes. Will be recommending John's patient and on point tuition to others. You never stop learning and improving with skiing and John is great at all levels. I know he is fully booked for Feb half term but if anyone wants his contact you can find him on this site.

Claire  R.      07/02/20

John, Again this week you have taught Nelly and Megan and We really can’t thank you enough these little girls have grown in confidence and Now flying down the four-man chairlift on the blues with ease and confidence.

Lorna Jane D.    14/02/20

We have been home from Borovets for almost 2 weeks now, and i have just realised that I forgot to put up a post about Ski Scamps and John Dummer. To make sure the adults in our group had the best possible time them self, we were VERY lucky to be able to use the services of ski scamps to care for our 5 year old in the mornings, she arrived ta 8AM everyday at  our apartment so we could leave early and make the first Gondola, with her case full  of toys and arts and crafts materials, such a lovely and caring lady, we were so confident and happy that our boy would be enjoying his holiday as much as we were, following a fun filled morning of playing indoors and out in the snow he was taken to meet John for his skiing lessons, after his first 1 hour lesson our boys was coming down the Sunhar on his own, turning and stopping all by him self, by the end of 3 days of lesson (5 hours in total) we were all as family on the 6 man chairlift and skiing the blue run all the way down together. absolutely amazing couple of people. if you need these services and are lucky enough to be able to book and use them, they will make yours and your children's holiday so much better... A* services, and cant recommend them enough, Thank you Cheryl & John, total Legends in my eyes.. See you in 2021...

Review from Mark G for myself and Ski Scamps. Feb 2020

Hi john. 

I can’t seem to add a message to your Facebook wall. I just wanted to say a big thank you for helping Ollie learn to ski. We were so impressed with the skills he learnt in such a short time seeing as he had never skied before. 

He loved the lessons and has been reminding me about pizza and chips all week and pretending to lead me around on his pretend ski poles.

Vicky K Feb 2020

Home from another fantastic weeks skiing. For the second year running we (2 adults, 17 year old and 15 year old) had lessons for the week with John Johnski Dummer and again he has been fantastic. Such a great instructor and lovely man. We have all improved so much again and have thoroughly enjoyed our week with him. Can’t recommend him highly enough!

Tracy E      15/02/2020

Recently back from Borovets, having previously teaching myself and wife last year John gave our 9 year old girls lessons this year. They absolutely loved there first time skiing, they became very confident and capable very quickly with johns 2 hour sessions. Excellent tuition and kept our girls in safe hands at all times, Would highly recommend John for both adult and children’s lessons. Looking forward to getting back on the slopes.

Thank you John Dummer

Peter Moore 23/02/2020

John Dummer thank you again for being a brilliant instructor for Frankie and Sadie!!!! Oh and me,  highly recommend!!

Hi john

Well I have to say today was amazing

I have had the best day skiing ever and I have done ski runs I never thought I would ever do.

You make me feel so safe when I ski that it gives me to do any ski run with confidence.

You are patient and amazing and when I did that black run today I felt totally safe and confident and really enjoyed it.

Can’t wait to come back for new year and ski with you again.

Thanks again

Amie and Paul.   06/03/2020 

Review for John Johnski Dummer

I would highly recommend John, I love skiing but am not good with heights, John had me feeling totally calm and in control at the top of the mountain on the blues, he assessed my skiing and talked me through how I could improve, then asked me to show him the difference, can’t believe how much my skiing has improved after just one lesson ! Thanks John will definitely recommend you to my friends and see you again next season.

Kelly Mills 7 March 2020

For any one taking their child for the first time to learn how to ski but is to young for ski school. 

This is my 5 year old after 3&1/2 hour lesson in 2 sittings with JOHN DUMMER private English instructor. 

He was leading the way to me after his 2 lessons. 

Amazing coach & calm & very patient with kids & too cheap for his experience. 

Obvs every child will learn at different speeds. 

Contact John Dummer on fb for lessons

Brent Clarke 3/03/2020