My lesson with John Dummer saved my family ski holiday. He is a very talented instructor and took me on as a shaking, terrified 48 year old. With his calm guidance I felt calm and in control after two lessons.

Before I had some private instruction with John I was ready to give up. The group lessons had moved on too quickly for me. I was taken on a long forest track before I had the skills to cope with it. By the time I got to the bottom I was completely confused, in tears, and never wanted to put my skis on again. I felt shaken, sick and terrified.

John took me to the nursery slopes and gave me a simple shape to follow. He gave me lots of opportunities to repeat this. He was quietly spoken, calm and did not shout instructions at me whilst I was skiing. He assumed no knowledge on my part and carefully broke down every activity including using button lifts, and eventually a rather aggressive chair lift. After two lessons I was confident of the technique needed to turn and remain in control. I could come down a blue slope without any moments of terror! I would now definitely come skiing with my family again.

I highly recommend John to anyone who wants to master skiing. The benefit of private lessons is that you can go at your own pace without the social pressure of slowing down classmates. As an English speaker, there was great benefit in having an English instructor. My Bulgarian instructor only had one way of explaining, due to his limited English. He repeated this at volume, but it did not work as an explanation for me no matter how many times he repeated it! John was able to re-phrase, use different explanations and understand my questions. (I like to clarify my understanding by questioning). None of this was possible with my Bulgarian instructor.

As a 48 year old who has not had many positive experiences of sporting activities, his patience and simple clear instructions, calmly and encouragingly given, were exactly what I needed.

Claire E.

Feb. 2018

John was my daughter's and my ski instructor. We have always been tutored in a group, and weren't quite sure how individual tuition would go. My daughter was a much better skier than me, and I hadn't been skiing for years and was nearly a newbie, although I could remember how to put skis on!

John was brilliant, he was very patient and understanding, and paced my daughter accordingly so that she also felt she was learning. John evidenced his knowledge of skiing and I felt assured by his tuition. He was respectful also to others, and we witnessed him helping others too.

I would highly recommend John for ski tuition, and his local knowledge, and won't hesitate to book him for our next trip.

Many thanks John, it was a great week which we enjoyed immensely.

Diane S.

Feb. 2018

Hi John,

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the lessons you gave me over the past two days. Felt like I'd been stuck at end stage beginner level for so long, and now finally I've made the leap to skiing a bit more dynamically. Your patience, feedback, kindness and teaching style have been just what I needed, and it's parallel skiing all the way from now on! Really enjoyed myself, thank you.


Feb. 2018

Thank you John Dummer for an amazing four days of your expert tuition, could not have got down those red runs yesterday without you. See you next year xx

Lucy H

Feb. 2018

If anyone heading out to Borovets is thinking about ski lessons I can highly recommend John Dummer. My son and I had a night ski with him a couple of weeks back and it made a huge difference to our week. We went from borderline parallel to skiing parallel confidently in 2+ hours with John, and this was our first time on snow. By the end of the week my 12yr old was skiing down the odd red with me.

It really does make a huge difference following an experienced instructor down the slope, so if you get the chance save a few of those beer pennies and spend it on a 1:1 lesson.

A. Boultsy

Feb. 2018

I honestly cannot recommend John Dummer enough! Amazing instructor. He took my 4yr old out this evening and within one hour had built his confidence so much! So patient. Thank you John x

D. Jones

Mar. 2018

If anyone is looking for a ski instructor in Borovets, I cannot recommend John Dummer more highly!! Had an excellent time and really improved our skiing.

D. Groves

Mar. 2018

I hadn't skied for over 7 years, and I booked a lesson with John to help me get some mountain mojo back. He watched me ski, then explained how to ski efficiently with the carvers that I had, talk about a lightbulb moment! When I put into practice what he taught me, I could feel straight away the difference, my skiing was more relaxed, less effort and more enjoyable, which in turn, improved my confidence. I hope that as I establish this improved way of skiing, I will also be less prone to falling and injuring myself (a priority as a busy mum of 2). John was really approachable, friendly, flexible when it came to booking, and you could tell he was very familiar with the ski resort and its runs and geography. I booked John to give my 5 year old son a lesson too, and after only one lesson, my son was skiing with noticeably more control. I would fully recommend John as a ski instructor for any age and ability.


Mar. 2018

I and my partner visited Borovets for the second time for our annual ski holiday. We are both intermediate skiers. Sadly my partner suffered a crisis of confidence on the slopes and I was unable to help her overcome this. We sought the help of John after many recommendations from the locals and seasoned Borovets visitors. John managed to aid my partner in overcoming her fear and within a few lessons had her smiling again and loving skiing like never before. John not only has a passion for skiing but also for teaching and helping people. It was obvious he genuinely enjoyed the lessons and would do his utmost to help his students. When we return next year, he will be the only instructor we will use. Thank you John!

Rory Oliver

Mar. 2018

Three days into our skiing trip this year I had a nasty fall on a red run which was sheet ice. It left me absolutely terrified and not wanting to ski ever again. Until John Dummer was recommended to me. I was sceptical that anyone could help me as I was absolutely petrified at the thought of skiing again so John suggested meeting the night before my lesson for a chat. He immediately put me at ease and after listening to my concerns reassured me that he'd do all he could to help. John did more than just help, he has made me love skiing again! After my first lesson with him I felt my technique improve enormously which made me feel safer and got so much of my confidence back. I came back from my lesson grinning and immediately booked another one. Over the next three days John worked relentlessly with me and got me back down the red run which had left me so scared. Not only did John get my confidence back he has made me a far better, far safer skier and helped me face my fear of icy runs. John calmly explained each exercise and gave constructive and clear feedback, he pushed me to be better without me even knowing, I felt that comfortable with him! He knew my ability and how to get me to progress better than I did! He is the most kind, patient and understanding teacher and I quite honestly can't wait to come back and have more lessons with him next year! Not only did he save our holiday he has made me so excited for many many more! I can't thank John enough!

Amelia Harrison

Mar. 2018